Monday, July 20, 2009


I found out today my life will change once school starts back again in the 2009-10 school year. I have been at Christiansburg high school for nearly 4 years now. I love it there (excpet for some drama time to time). I love the kids and all the great friends I have made. Today I got a phone call that I will be transfered to Christiansburg elementary school. I have mixed feelings about it. I will miss everyone there terribly but I am excited about some of the changes that this will bring with it. So pray for me, that this is a part of Gods plan.
Football is starting up, WOO HOO. Dylan is goin out for the 8th grade football team. Zack is goin into his final year of JV. I cannot believe my kids are as old as they are. My emotions in lots of way are getting the best of me. I am crying on minute upset the next and happy for them right after. I think it is fear and being just nervous about all the big moves.
We went last week for Zacks learners permit. He unfortunately failed by one question. He will be able to take it again on August 3rd. I really had to bite my lip in the DMV to not cry and finally broke down once we got home. My oldest is breaking away a little at a time. UGH..... We also have been looking go a job for him and I think that just makes me proud of the young man he is becoming but again the whole growing up thing. Lord help when he graduates.
Henry and I have hit a bit of a slump lately in alot of the different parts of our lives. We have been just snippy with one another. We have fallen away from being in church. We have fallen away from spending the quality time. It also seems as though we have just fell into the slump too that we just do what needs to be done in life and that is about it and no more. We haven't been very socail not that much has been there to do. We just are plain ole blah.... pray for us.
The boys will be goin to Gatlinburg next week for youth confrence and Henry will be gone the first couple of day for a football clinic with the varsity, what are me and the dog gonna do???
Anyway those are just a few things goin on these days....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July with family and friends

I hope everyone had a blessed 4th of July with family and friends. I know we did. We went to what has become the annual cookout/pool party with the Blaines. Which we always love doing and have so much fun. They are great friends and we love the time of fellowship we have with them. The Kings are also there and we love them dearly too.

The guys start the afternoon playing cornhole ( I guess that is how you spell it) They tend to get just a bit competative whether they admitt it or not. Terena and I later in the day tried our hand at it and have decided while Henry and Wayne work we will get together to practice. Although I have to admitt she got progresively better than I did!!! Above Eric and Henry are going at it. The trash talk was going strong too.Zack and Dylan love playing this game as well and have gotten their share of jabs in with the older guys!!!!

The guys then proceeded on to play crouqet. Which Cameron called the old people game and he wasn't joking. In this photo the guys said they couldn't see the RED gates on the GREEN grass so Wayne paints them WHITE. If you ask me they weren't any brighter but hey, whatever works for them.

I really have to say I never thought this would be a conversation I would hear between my husband and son. Henry was trying to teach Zack how to play well. Poor Zack get being behind. He later determined Camerom must be right it is an old mans game that is why he couldn't win!!
My dear husband tends to be a bit competative in all he does. Zack looks like he is scared and running away.

This was so funny after the games they played they had to do their "english poses" you have Zack, Wayne, Henry and Eric.... they are too funny.

Ms. Anna got herself a new glider swing and she had that thing rocking with our without help.

Terena got on and helped her too. Terena told her to turn around and look at me and she was giggling saying I am trying!!!!

This is me and my little Anna. One of my many that I love as my own.

Later that evening we went to CHS and hung out with family and friends. This is Julie and myself before it got dark enough to start.

Henry and the boys watching the fireworks. Of course the boys were tryingn to duck out of the picture.

These are just a few of the many good ones we had this year. We were thankful that Cburg still did fireworks this year. I heard on the news because of the economy many places weren't having them.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Henry, myself, Zachary and Dylan would like to wish you all a Happy 4th of July. I pray you remember the soilders that have fought and are fighting for freedom and protection. All gave some but some gave all.....

May God bless you and your family and be thankful that we live in a country that allows us the freedom to say what we like when we like without the fear of death, or punishment. Do not take for granted what our fore fathers did for us and the wonderful gift that was given us in this country. Remember that the signers of our Decleration put God first and I pray you will as well

Be happy and safe this holiday

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Fathers day honey

Well here we are at another Fathers Day. I do have to say as far as dads go I picked a man for a husband that is a good father. He makes sure that the boys are have a great moral fiber and most importantly he is a man of God. I have seen that growth alot in the last few years. For that I am very thankful because alot of my girlfriends don't have that.

I married this man 14 years ago and we had 2 sons (one came before the marriage) Zack is 15 and Dylan is 12. So I went from a house full of women to all guys (even the dogs) The boys at times think that their dad is just harping on them all the time but he wants better for them and cares a great deal about their future. He surely doesn't want them to struggle the way we have.

The man in this picture is right up there with my daddy as dads go. He is such a great foundation in that family. He is the center of them all and has done a wonderful job at making God and family the most important things in life. Thank you Tommy for what you gave to me I love ya and Happy Fathers Day

This is our wonderful family with our growing children I could not have asked for a better blend...

Happy Fathers Day Henry I love you thank you for our children our marriage and our life....

Happy Fathers Day Daddy

So Sunday is Fathers Day and I have been blessed to have one of the best there is. My dad was blessed with 2 daughters 12 years apart. Was he a glutten for punishment!!!! Well, anyway I love him dearly despite my actions have not always shown that. I have put my daddy through so much with stupid decisions but he always has loved me and gave me the best advice he can. I love you daddy

This is my sister Julie, my daddy Rusty and me. My Dad had 2 daughters as you can see but out of that he got 2 great son in laws and 2 grandsons that love their Pawpaw dearly

My mom and dad have been married nearly 37 years (in September) that seems to be unheard of with alot of my friends. Despite the hard times they went through over all those years I believe they love each other more now than they ever did before. I am so lucky to have parents who have overcome alot of obstacles and love us and tell us the way it really it is.

I love you daddy.... Happy Fathers Day

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fallen off the wagon

Ok so I have fallen off the blogging wagon lately... geez been awhile. Let's see, probably no pics this time but i will do my best to get back on track. Since the 1sot of June not a whole heck of alot has been goin on. We got out of school on June 11th. Zack will be a sophmore and Dylan is goin into the 7th grade. Dylan also scored perfect on his math SOL. For those not in VA that is a standard of learing test the kids have to take here VERY IMPORTANT, or so they say.
We went to my nephew Daniels 5th grade graduation. My mother in law cannot believe he is gonna be in the middle school and she has no more grandbabies in elementary school.
We went to Asheboro Zoo with Dylan and his class had so much fun. Henry loves the zoo. I think we will go back before the summer is over. I hope we do so that we won't have 15 kids to keep up with. We stayed with Henrys cousin Thresa and her family that weekend and went to an extended Scott dinner. Like all of Henry's granddads siblings and their families. It was the first one and we all hope there are more.
Dylan just got back from his 4th year of 4H camp today. He loves it. He plans to go as a CIT (counselor in training) next year. He actually got to do a little of that this year and was the CIT in his lodge. They go to Smith Mountain Lake, very nice. He is tired tonight though and hit the bed before 9pm.
Zack has started his summer lifting and we just found out yesterday that he is old enough now to play softball with our church so he is very excited to do that. We are in the process of trying to find him a job. He gets his learners next month so money will have to start coming in a little to do the whole car thing. So if you know of anyone who employee a 15 year old for a few days a week (not on Sunday) let me know.
Henry is working and football is kicking back in early this year. We go to Galax (my hometown) on the 24th for a 7 on 7 tournament. That is where they play without alot of hitting and the coaches can be on the field.
We are heared to Henrys grandmothers 80th bday party next week too, we are looking forward to that. Also this fathers day weekend we will be on the lake with mom and dad and my sister and brother in law. I cannot wait.
My most favorite thing right now is that I am down 21 pounds. WOO HOO...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Update on our family

*Long blog lots of updates....

I have fallen off the wagon lately on my blogging so I need to get caught back up. We have had a lot going on lately the biggest thing starting with my sisters wedding. First of all I cannot believe how the time has flown by and she is a grown woman now. If you don't know us I should tell you we are 12 years apart in age.
She has found her soul mate and as I type they should be on their way home from what I am sure is a wonderful honeymoon for the last week in Jamacia. Don't you feel sorry for them!!!!

I have to say she made a beautiful bride to no surprise. I am so proud of her. She married a Grayson boy and they both seem to be very happy. I know they will have struggles as done any married couple. I pray that God will lead them on the most blessed journey far about anything they could imagine.

The colors she picked were great and so different from what you see in other weddings. She picked palm beach coral and a chocolate color. I love the dress I got the privelage with my mom of helping her pick out. IT all meshed so well together. Her flower was a calla lily. Everything seem to come off without a hitch. Mom said she picked up the wedding pictures yesterday and I cannot wait to see them. I love you sis have a blessed and loving marriage.I thought too I would update you on the murder that took place a few weeks ago on our street. All we hear is not to worry. I am sure the police are doing a great job. I was told that the husband was brought in for a lie detector test. Other than that and lots of rumors and speculation I don't know anymore as of yet. I will say however Henry and I noticed that alot more company is around than there ever was before. I guess that could be a good thing. Who knows... I will let you know when I hear more.

On Friday morning we had a bit of excitement here at home. Dylan was outside just before 7am waiting on his bus. He looked over and walking out of our driveway was a full grown black bear. He came running back into the house yelling for me, which that in itself scared me. He told me what happened and I say the bear across the road. Poor Zack couldn't see him no contacts in yet. I went on Saturday and told the neighbors about him so they could be aware. They told me he has been around before and glad YES GLAD he is back. So now when we walk Radley we are on alert!!!!
I have missed my last couple of blessings post. The biggest things that have been blessings for me have been the marriage of my sister, my husband saying last night that he has a good life he has no idea what that meant to me. All the prayers for the broken toes. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that on Mothers Day I broke two toes. WOO HOO
I am thankful for sons that have been aware that i am not able to do as much as I ususally am. I am thankful for co workers that have been very helpful. I am thankful for teh 14 pounds I have lost. I am thankful for the friends that I have old and new. I am thankful for parents that I love very much.
I am thankful for a wonderful loving church family. Getting past all the things that keep us busy and we are there for one another and love each other dearly.
Have a blessed week all

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Update on prayer request

I thought that I would post the latest on the situation on our street. Please not only continue to pray for this family but also all of us who live here in this area. It is a bit anerving

Christiansburg death ruled a homicide
A medical examiner has determined that a Christiansburg woman's death the past weekend was the result of asphyxiation and ruled the case a homicide, town police said this afternoon.
No one has been charged, and the investigation is ongoing.
After getting a 911 call just after 7 a.m. Sunday, police found Ann G. King, 50, unresponsive at her home on Cumberland Drive.
According to a search warrant affidavit filed Monday in Montgomery County Circuit Court, King’s husband, Charles Patrick King, 51, called 911 to report a problem with his wife. Officers arrived to find a woman face down in the floor with no pulse. Large red stains that appeared to be blood were on the floor, according to the affidavit.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ask you to pray

This morning on our street one of our neighbors Ann King was murdered in her home while her husband left to deliver papers. When he returned home he came in to find his wife. No other details have been given at this time. They are however keeping a tight lock on who is allowed to come onto our street which is a dead end. Please keep this family in your prayers also all of us who live on this street. This is a scary situation and one I hope is an isolated occurance.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

This weeks blessings

So this week has had my sinuses flarred all to pieces. I have felt pretty rough for the last couple of weeks. Oh the joy of spring.

This week however I have many blessings.

*The beautiful weather this weekend God has given to us.

*Celebrating my hubbies birthday on Thursday.

*The wonderful spa day we had today for my sisters bachlorette party.

*Just seeing the way my boys have loved this puppy (Radley) we got. They have really stepped up and taken care of him

*Spending time with my guys and being able to just sit and laugh.

Oh Thank you God for all your blessings

Spa day

Today I was able to have a wonderful spa day. My sister is getting married in 2 weeks, 2 weeks from today to be exact. As a matter of fact as I type this I think she will be married at this time in 2 weeks. Anyway, today as part of her bachlorette party she planned a spa day. OH MY GOSH!!!! I got a facial and a deep tissue. That was heaven. I totally understand why women (with money) go on a regular basis. I was not expecting the facial to be all that it was. I was a bit nervous because I have never had any of this done before. I walked in the room and the girl put me at ease. She began talking with me about what would take place. She asked me about my skin and what issues I have. She asked me about what I use. I laid down on the table nervous.... Oh my goodness, she began with the treatment, which lasted an hour. I was not expecting to get my shoulders massaged, my arms. Then she moved down during all this and massaged my legs and feet. I have not been so relaxed in so long if ever.
We went to Azario spa, they were great by the way and if you are ever in Roanoke and want to pamper yourself I highly recommend this spa. I have nothing to compare it to but I loved this one. The ladies had put out fruit, vegis and cookies for us to snack on. By the time we left all the fruit was gone.
I later went on and got a deep tissue massage. My shoulders were very relaxed she massaged me head to toe front and back. My sister got a hot stone massage. She enjoyed it but I will say that we all enjoyed the facial... I will be doin it again.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekly blessings...

Well this week has been a little rough for me I have been very under the weather. And I know the Lord is seeing me through. I have had some stressful moments and I am trying extremly hard to do what an old dear friend suggested. Rather than letting the stress get me down and cause me to react, I am gonna "Praise Him in the Storm"
While at times I have been having some anxiety issues I have had many blessings.

* On Thursday evening we brought a new member in to our family. Radley (after voting of 40 names we each chose 10 each and narrowed it down) he is a full blood yellow lab. He is the puppy of a lab that was rescued. He is great, we have all fallen so in love with him. We began training IMMEDIATELY. Potty training is going great and he listens so well. He is right now about 8 weeks old well probably closer to 9 and healthy.

*Having a husband and sons who look after me when I am ill. They just let me be. They let me rest, they don't ask anything of me. I love them dearly and so thankful for the family I have. God has truely let my cup runneth over.

*Friends that send wishes and that pray in times of need whether it be a stress situation I am dealing with or sickness.

*Getting together tonight with old but good friends. Some of these ladies I haven't seen in 10 years. The sad thing is a few of us only live within 15 miles of one another.

*Sitting there with all my friends tonight and all of us joiining hands to pray. That was awesome.

*Also hubby got to go out tonight with the football coaches. They are having a time of fellowship. Knowing that they are all Godly men is wonderful too.

I hope the Lord fills you with little things this week to be thankful for....

Friday, April 17, 2009

Meet Radley

Well We have a new member of our family. Meet Radley, he is an 8 week old yellow lab. We have been on the search for a dog for a couple of months now. We sat down as a family after our hound ran off as to whether we wanted another dog. Also about where the dog would live. We have always had outdoor dogs but decided that if we wanted to have a pet that animal should be a part of our everyday life. He came to us on Thursday evening from a liter of dogs that were born from a rescued lab. He is full blood just no papers so we got him free. Which the paper thing is no big deal to us. We don't plan to breed or anything. Actually by summers end he will be fixed. We did research on several types of dogs and as a family this is the one breed we could agree on. I had a black lab as my first pet. Also we had a black lab/dalmation mix. They were both really good dogs.

He had his first puppy visit to the vet today. He is gonna be a big guy. He weighed in at 9lbs at 8 weeks. I know he will be big but we live in a home where he will have plenty of room. Besides we all agreed that we really would prefer a larger breed of dog. I know we are up for a big challenge as far as his chewing and such. We are all determined though to really work with him and be good puppy parents.

I think after talking with the vet and all we know about labs we made a good choice for our family. We love him to death already and cannot wait to see him grow and the blessing he will be to us all.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 09

Well Easter 09 has come and gone. First and foremost I hope we all remember that Christ is risen not only on Easter but year round. We had a nice Easter weekend. Spent it all with family and friends.

This is my baby boy Dylan in his new clothes he got shoes too but can't see them. He is such a cutie. I never was able to get one of Zack in his new clothes before he changed TEENAGERS!!!! This is at 6am we were getting ready to go to Sunrise Service, where afterwards we had breakfast. Came home and all the guys crashed for about an hour. Then we headed back to Sunday School and 11a m service

So here is myself in my new easter top. I didn't do a whole outfit this year. I wanted a top I could do with different stuff. Anyway....

So Jerome, Henrys best friend came to visit. I got em to pose for a picture for me. The fun never stops when they are all together

So some of the Sunday school classes had an Easter Egg hunt. These next few kids are some of my beautiful kids that I get to teach.

She didn't want me to take her picture

Isn't she adorable

He is so handsome such a little man. The tie didn't make it all day.

This is from a 5 year olds perspective.... not very flattering for me.....

And the hunt begins

Go girl.....

There is more to have... all that candy

He was happy with what he found

She just walked back and forth.. so pretty

All my kids love to pose he is so handsome too....

checking out the eggs.

This is Henry and his brother. Not a clear picture but they were sporting their new hats they got for their bday. 1971 and 1972 models. They both have April bdays

Daniel, Tommy and Dylan we had just got done eatting at the inlaws and now listening to Jerome try to con Daniel out of his money.... Daniel kept saying his dad is a cop.

Who knows what this coversation is all about with theses three. We had a good day. I didn't get any pictures from my moms everyone seemed to be running around in 100 directions. Julie was trying to get some things done for her wedding which is now less than a month away. Dad took Grandma home. Mom was all over the place.
Hope you al lhad a great Easter

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fridays Favorite Five

I am nearing the last half of my spring break. I cannot believe that it is already Friday. That means it is time for Fridays favorite five list.

* My break for the last week and not having to go back to work til Tuesday. It has been a much needed break for me.

*I started donating plasma this week and it has been really rewarding. I even got to meet one of the patients that benefits from the medicine plasma is used for.

*A dear friend helping me get real direction and a real plan for me to help drop this horrible weight I have put on.

*Watching Zack learn to drive my van. While it was a blessing at the same time it is a little sad my oldest is growing up.

* Easter.... my Lord and Savior gave His life so that we may all have life everlasting through the blood of the Lamb

Happy Easter all

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Thanks for the prayers

Henry went from hardly being able to move on Sunday and now he is fine. Thank you for praying for him. The power of prayer is a wonderful thing.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Please pray

Please pray for my better half Henry. He went Saturday and cut wood. When he and the boys got home they contunued working til dark busting what they needed to. Yesterday after church he beagn complaining with his back. We aren't sure what he has done but I know from experience back pain is a bear. Thank you ....