Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July with family and friends

I hope everyone had a blessed 4th of July with family and friends. I know we did. We went to what has become the annual cookout/pool party with the Blaines. Which we always love doing and have so much fun. They are great friends and we love the time of fellowship we have with them. The Kings are also there and we love them dearly too.

The guys start the afternoon playing cornhole ( I guess that is how you spell it) They tend to get just a bit competative whether they admitt it or not. Terena and I later in the day tried our hand at it and have decided while Henry and Wayne work we will get together to practice. Although I have to admitt she got progresively better than I did!!! Above Eric and Henry are going at it. The trash talk was going strong too.Zack and Dylan love playing this game as well and have gotten their share of jabs in with the older guys!!!!

The guys then proceeded on to play crouqet. Which Cameron called the old people game and he wasn't joking. In this photo the guys said they couldn't see the RED gates on the GREEN grass so Wayne paints them WHITE. If you ask me they weren't any brighter but hey, whatever works for them.

I really have to say I never thought this would be a conversation I would hear between my husband and son. Henry was trying to teach Zack how to play well. Poor Zack get being behind. He later determined Camerom must be right it is an old mans game that is why he couldn't win!!
My dear husband tends to be a bit competative in all he does. Zack looks like he is scared and running away.

This was so funny after the games they played they had to do their "english poses" you have Zack, Wayne, Henry and Eric.... they are too funny.

Ms. Anna got herself a new glider swing and she had that thing rocking with our without help.

Terena got on and helped her too. Terena told her to turn around and look at me and she was giggling saying I am trying!!!!

This is me and my little Anna. One of my many that I love as my own.

Later that evening we went to CHS and hung out with family and friends. This is Julie and myself before it got dark enough to start.

Henry and the boys watching the fireworks. Of course the boys were tryingn to duck out of the picture.

These are just a few of the many good ones we had this year. We were thankful that Cburg still did fireworks this year. I heard on the news because of the economy many places weren't having them.


The Busy Blaine's said...

So glad you guys came over. We had a great time!!!