Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 09

Well Easter 09 has come and gone. First and foremost I hope we all remember that Christ is risen not only on Easter but year round. We had a nice Easter weekend. Spent it all with family and friends.

This is my baby boy Dylan in his new clothes he got shoes too but can't see them. He is such a cutie. I never was able to get one of Zack in his new clothes before he changed TEENAGERS!!!! This is at 6am we were getting ready to go to Sunrise Service, where afterwards we had breakfast. Came home and all the guys crashed for about an hour. Then we headed back to Sunday School and 11a m service

So here is myself in my new easter top. I didn't do a whole outfit this year. I wanted a top I could do with different stuff. Anyway....

So Jerome, Henrys best friend came to visit. I got em to pose for a picture for me. The fun never stops when they are all together

So some of the Sunday school classes had an Easter Egg hunt. These next few kids are some of my beautiful kids that I get to teach.

She didn't want me to take her picture

Isn't she adorable

He is so handsome such a little man. The tie didn't make it all day.

This is from a 5 year olds perspective.... not very flattering for me.....

And the hunt begins

Go girl.....

There is more to have... all that candy

He was happy with what he found

She just walked back and forth.. so pretty

All my kids love to pose he is so handsome too....

checking out the eggs.

This is Henry and his brother. Not a clear picture but they were sporting their new hats they got for their bday. 1971 and 1972 models. They both have April bdays

Daniel, Tommy and Dylan we had just got done eatting at the inlaws and now listening to Jerome try to con Daniel out of his money.... Daniel kept saying his dad is a cop.

Who knows what this coversation is all about with theses three. We had a good day. I didn't get any pictures from my moms everyone seemed to be running around in 100 directions. Julie was trying to get some things done for her wedding which is now less than a month away. Dad took Grandma home. Mom was all over the place.
Hope you al lhad a great Easter