Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Coach David Cooper and family

After a long illness Dylan's football coach of 2 years has lost his mother. She has had a lengthy sickness and fought for sometime. She resided in New Jersey where Coach Coop (as we all call him) and his family are. Please keep this family in your prayers in their time of grief and also as they have to travel.... We love this coach and he has done wonderful things for Dylan.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Zack and football

So as everyone who has been there in my line of fire I have told them about Zack starting high school. I am freaking out because my oldest son is in HIGH SCHOOL. I know everyone who has kids goes through every first that freaks them out and I still have LOTS more to go. This one though is depressing me more than any before. I have realized that he will be gone in 4 years. I was talking to him today and we looked at as the lifetime of friends of ours who have 4 year olds. Anyway, he is playiing JV football. He has grown so much and is looking like a young man to me and not a little boy. There are so many things I could say about him but we will save that one for when he graduates.
This blog is about his scrimmage in Franklin County. He did really well. He isn't first string YET but he is working on it. By the way they won the scrimmage by like 7 TD's to their one. :) I have yelled so much this week during football that my throat is soar and last night I lost my voice. Dylan hasn't even had his first game. ALthough varsity opened last night and beat Graham 34-29.

This is Zack and Cody warming up before. You can see in the background and shorts Henry's godson and my van!
I like this picture it has Henry and Zack.
Look at him blocking that guy. He went up against one guy that wasn't much smaller than my dear husband and I got a little scared. He was on one play that put him in place to carry the ball and the other team kept getting off-sides and they finally went to something else.....
Zack getting ready.... He needs to let a little of his mom come out in him.
Cody, Deanco and Zack

My boy has at some point grown up on me..... UGH

Family reunion pictures from the first of the month

Well as I read Thresa's blog I realized that I am not sure if I posted pics of the Scott dinner. So if I am repeating I am sorry, but enjoy the pics anyway... love ya all

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family pictures

So not too much to say here I just wanted to share our new family photos. Henry says thank goodness I only make him do this every 5 years.....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Football season

So I am wondering how football season got around so fast. I feel as though we just finished. So I guess time to break out the crock pots and blue and gold. While I love football season I do have to admitt it does stress me out. nevertheless it is here and my guys love it..

So this picture of of the coaches during the spring camp. This is when they try to be "nice".

Two-a-days began and Coach Hunter is attempting to get the JV goin.

Some the varstiy running pass drills.

Trying to get those JV boys to hit.

They are really looking pretty good.

Dobbins throws pretty good for a Duke fan... hehehe

So this is Henry at the scrimmage in WVa last Friday night. I have to say I get a kick out of hearing him yell at the boys cause he doesn't get loud at home. I do that enough for both of us....

Some of our coaches and boys looking on as a play is being ran against Bassett.

Some of our line we have some size on some of them. From a fan/mom standpoint they looked pretty good. We have alot of young guys this year first year varsity we are all (the fans) excited about the season.

There they go make them eat that turf.