Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Fathers day honey

Well here we are at another Fathers Day. I do have to say as far as dads go I picked a man for a husband that is a good father. He makes sure that the boys are have a great moral fiber and most importantly he is a man of God. I have seen that growth alot in the last few years. For that I am very thankful because alot of my girlfriends don't have that.

I married this man 14 years ago and we had 2 sons (one came before the marriage) Zack is 15 and Dylan is 12. So I went from a house full of women to all guys (even the dogs) The boys at times think that their dad is just harping on them all the time but he wants better for them and cares a great deal about their future. He surely doesn't want them to struggle the way we have.

The man in this picture is right up there with my daddy as dads go. He is such a great foundation in that family. He is the center of them all and has done a wonderful job at making God and family the most important things in life. Thank you Tommy for what you gave to me I love ya and Happy Fathers Day

This is our wonderful family with our growing children I could not have asked for a better blend...

Happy Fathers Day Henry I love you thank you for our children our marriage and our life....


The Busy Blaine's said...

Henry is a good Daddy but he has a good wifey to help him!!!!! Love you guys!