Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just peddling along

Not too much has really been going on in the Scott household. Dylan is nearing the end of a long road to recovery from his surgery. On March 9th we were 6 months out. He went for a biodex test on March 1st the test wasn't reported correctly so he had to have another one performed this past week. We hope and expect to hear if he will be released this week. His quad on his involved leg was 88% and his hamstring was even. The only concern was that his endurance isn't where it should be. So we are waiting to see.

Dylan is right now since he can't play sports acting as support staff as I like to call him for the CMS baseball team. He loves baseball but since he can't play he did want to be involved. Dylan also recently showed alot of character by standing up to a bully that was picking on a friend that had recently gotten hurt. I was very proud of him

Zack is doing well in his second semester of his sophmore year. I still cannot believe he is 16 and only has 2 years of high school left. Me, Henry and Zack had discussions about his future the other night at dinner. I am worried he will sale himself short on where he can go to school so I ask for much prayer there. He is still showing intrest in the Navy and has talked with some recruiters. I have told him I will support him no matter what he decides. I know we will do it with Gods guidance and we have tried to teach Zack to weigh the decision carefully. It is all coming too fast.

I have to admitt even though I know there are one or two girls he talks to I still get that knot in my stomach when I think of him dating. I guess I gotta let him grow up and that is fine but he will always be my little boy that used to like to cuddle with me and watch Elvis movies!

Zack is just weight lifting now for football in the fall. He thought about running outdoor track or maybe playing tennis but opted not to.

Henry is working very hard enjoying his downtime in the off season. He and I just recently went to a coach/wife christian clinic hosted by Carson Newman. We really enjoyed the fellowship with the other couples that went and the time we had together. Other than work not too much is new around here. I will do my best to keep you posted on Dylan and Zack and the going ons of me and my guys!