Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekly blessings...

Well this week has been a little rough for me I have been very under the weather. And I know the Lord is seeing me through. I have had some stressful moments and I am trying extremly hard to do what an old dear friend suggested. Rather than letting the stress get me down and cause me to react, I am gonna "Praise Him in the Storm"
While at times I have been having some anxiety issues I have had many blessings.

* On Thursday evening we brought a new member in to our family. Radley (after voting of 40 names we each chose 10 each and narrowed it down) he is a full blood yellow lab. He is the puppy of a lab that was rescued. He is great, we have all fallen so in love with him. We began training IMMEDIATELY. Potty training is going great and he listens so well. He is right now about 8 weeks old well probably closer to 9 and healthy.

*Having a husband and sons who look after me when I am ill. They just let me be. They let me rest, they don't ask anything of me. I love them dearly and so thankful for the family I have. God has truely let my cup runneth over.

*Friends that send wishes and that pray in times of need whether it be a stress situation I am dealing with or sickness.

*Getting together tonight with old but good friends. Some of these ladies I haven't seen in 10 years. The sad thing is a few of us only live within 15 miles of one another.

*Sitting there with all my friends tonight and all of us joiining hands to pray. That was awesome.

*Also hubby got to go out tonight with the football coaches. They are having a time of fellowship. Knowing that they are all Godly men is wonderful too.

I hope the Lord fills you with little things this week to be thankful for....