Friday, February 27, 2009

Sharing my faves.

So my dear friend over at The Busy Blaines shared what her faves were head to toe and I though I would do the same. Although I have to say I take alot of advice from my dear friend there :)
So following her start I thought I would share some of my favorite things I use. Now keep in my mind I am pretty simple with alot it but hey less is more right?

So I start my regiment with an old faithful. Noxema has been something I have loved and used since I was a teenager. I have to admit. I have tried other cleansers. I always seem to end up back with good ole Noxema. I tend to breakout more now as an adult than I ever did as a teen. This has always seemed to help to keep my skin clean. Not to mention I love the way it makes my skin feel.

So again I like another ole faithful, Oil of Olay. My grandmother had always told me that it is never too early to start fighting what will eventually march all over your face. Well the crows are now marching on my face so I am gonna have to add a little more help.

I am expecting to receive soon the Philosophy starter kit so hopeful I will find something from that I will love that will help.

So while I tried to get a picture on here it wouldn't let me snag one. So I wanted to say that since I have my hands and arms and alot of times being the goofball I am the rest of me in bleach water my skin stays really dry. I love using Suave cocoa and shea butter body wash and lotion. They do wonders with my dry skin. Plus much to many who think I shouldn't I do lay in the tanning bed and it tends to help keep my color.

I am a Tresemme girl ... OH LA LA LA... I have found that with naturally curly hair it can be so hard to find things that will keep my curls under control. Well I tried Tresemme and I love it. The entire line of their curl locking products are great. From the shower to hairspray that is all I use.

So as I said before I tend to have problems with adult acne. Well my dear friend over at The Busy Blaines turned me on to mineral foundation. I will never ever again use liquid. This is the best...

I also love in my make up routine Cover Girl Lash Blast. This is one of the best mascares I have ever used. I love the length it gives me.

My favorite lip glosses are by Wet and Wild. They are 2 very neutral shades which I love.Finally my absolute favorite perfume is Far Away from AVON. This is such a clean scent that isn't too overpowering.

So now I have bored you with what I love to use. As was asked where I read this blog to begin with what do you like to use????

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not a successful weekend

So while I am happy with husband and kids don't let my title fool you. I slipped this weekend. My eating was up to what I have been holding myself too lately. I didn't do very well with my portion control and to be honest the kind of food I ate. So pray for me ladies. I have been doing less sweet tea, my favorite, and more water. Doing the empty calories of salad for lunch and not eating late. So there has been some victory. I will not though beat myself up over this weekend, but I am gonna be accountable.

Henry and I did look at an elliptical today that I expressed to him I would love to have. HINT HINT honey.... Keep praying for me, and thanks for all the encouragement.

Trailer for sale

I wanted to send something simple that I hope you will pass along if you know of anyone that is intrested. My sister and her fiancee are putting their 2007 trailer on the market so that they may buy a home to start their new life. It is located between Radford and Christiansburg.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2 days and doin ok

So I posted a blog on my weight and how it is out of control. Well since then for 2 days I have done ok. Yesterday I watched how much I ate and when. Today I have done pretty well. I haven't eatten any junk food. I have to admitt the late night is my down fall. I tend to wanna eat then lay right down and go to sleep. That is so not good and is staying on every part of my body. I have watched the sugar in take and trying to make sure I drink more water even if it is Sobe or Propel. So I haven't weighed and I won't for a bit because those numbers depress me. Don't get me wrong I will eventually, but not now. So 2 days in and what I will not call a diet or weight loss mission or whatever. So keep prayinig thanks for the encouragement ladies.... Keep you posted

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

So yesterday was Valentines day. It was a good weekend. Henry started by sending me these beautiful roses that just made my day.

So I had the guys gifts on the table waiting on them to be opened we don't do too much for the boys but we do something. We gave Dylan a movie "The Express" and Zack got a new basketball. We gave them both candy.
Men are hard to shop for I gave Henry a weight tree for all the weights laying on the floor. The boys gave him "Saw V" We love those movies last year we got steaks from the Roadhouse and watched #4

So my dear sweety told me I couldn't wear jeans out on our V-Day dinner. We had to dress nice I was so excited. We attempted the Farmhouse which was horrible. Even with reservations most were waiting almost 2 hours. If you walked up no telling how long you would wait. So we decided to go somewhere else and ended up at our safe-net Red Lobster. It was nice and still ended up being a late dinner. Henry gave me a pair of diamond earring studs and the boys gave me a new Willow Tree Angel "Quietly"

It was a really good weekend. I love my husband very very much and i am blessed to have him as my husband.

Over it

So as I look at some of the pictures over the past year that have been taken of me I am disgusted. I am mad at myself. I have let my weight so out of control that now I want to cry when i look at myself. This is the roundest I have been from head to toe since I was pregnant with Dylan. I have been complaining about my weight for a long long time now and have been making my poor girlfriends listen to it. I am sorry girls.
I have come to that place where I am sick of being this way. So with a realistic goal in site I am gonna drop this weight one way or another and in a way I hope I can keep it off. I am not perfect and I know that I will mess up sometimes. But hey show me one person on that journey who hasn't had a bad day, week or month. I know that I will never ever be the size I was pre-kids but when I am getting out of breath walking up and down our stairs in our house that is enough.
So maybe if I am accountable here or to someone that wants to help me I can finally get down to a healthy weight because I am far from it now.
So I am asking please pray for me, I have got to get healthy again I don't want to be a stick but I don't wanna be ashamed of my pics.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

So while I know many people don't bother celebrating Valentines Day, hubby and I do. We have always tried to take time out for one another and show each other how much we do love each other. While I know we should do that everyday with kids, work and just life in general you sometimes forget to stop and just remember the good mushy stuff that caused you to fall in love to begin with.
So I hope you will all take the time to be a little mushy with your sweetheart today. Let them know you love them. Let them know you appreciate them.

I love you Henry......