Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fridays Fav Five

I just cannot believe that we are on the final weekend of March '09. Where is this year going so fast. Maybe it is just because my family is getting older. I always heard the older you get the faster it goes. Who knows.... I miss the days when my kids were small but I love watching the new challenges and changes they are making in their lives.
Ok now on to my favorite blessings for this past week.....

*I am thankful Henry got to go to Wake Forest with some of the other coaches from the CHS football team for a coaches clinic with the college coaches and players. I have heard it in his voice how excited he has been to be there. Also that the Lord has been working some things out for him and answering some of his prayers and mine.

*I am thankful for a peaceful (for the most part) week at work. I am finding I am not getting wrapped in the middle of everything as much as I used to.

*I am thankful that my marriage seems to be growing in such a positive way. Henry and I laugh more and have enjoyed one anothers company much more.

* I am thankful for sons that are willing to be so very helpful to their parents and adults outside the home. I relish in seeing the strong character they are developing.

*I am thankful for the nice dinner the boys and I had last night and got to spend time together.

I have an extra one this week.....

*As much as people have been complaining about it. I am thankful for the rain we have been getting lately. So many people have lost so much over the last years with the drought, now the economy. We need this rain and much more (but not excessive) This will let more people plant their own food this summer and have more with out worrying as much how to get by and put food on the table. Thank God for rain and sunshine and the balance from each......

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fridays Favorite Fives

Ok so another week come and gone.. I like doing this on Saturday morning gives me time make sure I get all of Friday in!!!

*A supportive husband in stressful situations

*Prayer, prayer, and answer to prayer.

*Best friends of old and reconnecting again and becoming new again

*Laughing with the kids so much I cry

*The love I feel in my life from family and friends and them allowing me to be the strong person I am

Have a blessed weekend all

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fridays Favorite Five...

So my dear friend over at The Punkin Patch has been doin this really cool thing. She has been posting her favorite five things at the end of the week. I like this idea because it lets you look back over the week and remember what your blessings have been. I do think we need to look back at the little things God puts in our lives.
So here goes.

*Watching my 12 year old outside doing exercises to get himself in shape for baseball season. He is pushing himself more than I ever could

*Having a husband that took very good care of me while I suffered from that horrible stomach flu.

*Seeing Zack wanna do all he can to do his best in school and watching him become a wonderful young man.

*Hearing the ladies at work talk about how they wish they had their parents here on earth and being thankful to know that not only do I have my parents but my in laws.

*Having good friends that call to just say they love me and hope I am getting well.

I am thankful for all that God has seen fit to give me. I am in His hands.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

To Janet over at The Punkin Patch

Hey Ms. Janet... lately I have been unable to read your blog. It tells me I am not invited, so if you are wondering why I haven's stopped by well that is why.... :)

New Favorite cookbook for the weekday

Many people know we have a crazy life. At least for half the year we are on the go constantly. Also working in a kitchen the last thing I wanna do when I come home is cook some big ole meal. Well, I have found something to help me out with this problem. It is a cookbook I got from Pamprered Chef called 29 minutes to dinner.

I have to tell you most everything I have cooked thus far has held true to the name. It will also give you the time it takes to prepare or at least there abouts. Cause you know none of us have any distractions goin on while we cook!!!! I have made probably about a half a dozen things from here and so far the guys have liked all of them. The last thing I made was an Italian meatball soup with homemade croutons. Oh and one more thing I like abou it, is it gives you all the dietary information for each recipe. That is great if you are following the point system with Weight Watchers or just trying to be aware of your calorie intake. So if you are looking for a cookbook to help you with quick but good meals, this is it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Book.. for me

So I love to read. I typically read true crime or biography. Maybe a little history from time to time. So I got this particular book I am reading now at the Weekend to Remember that hubby and I attended last year. We have bought several christian "self-help" books the last couple of years we have gone. Well most unfortunately have come home and collected death on my book shelf while I scan over them and read all my other favorites.
Not too long ago Henry and I went through a rough patch where I didn't even wanna be in the same room he was in. Sorry honey, but honesty is the best policy. I decided I had to do something. I know all the answers I need in my life are Gods word that He sent for you and me. Well sometimes I have trouble knowing where to turn, so I need a little added help.
I picked up this book off my shelf and wiped the dust off. WOW.. it has so made me wake up and realize for one the idols I am putting ahead of other things in my life. Also the type of person I am when it comes to dealing with conflict. It has opened my eyes to know that I need to learn other ways of dealing with things. While I still let my temper get the best of me at times sad to say. I am learning to deal with conflict better.
I am not done with the book, this is however what I love about the book. As you read page to page it will give you scripture that you can look on or is already in the book. It lets me see how what the author is saying is tied directly in to what God has for me, and you. It doesn't feel like I have some holier than though author telling me their view on what is best for what my life should be. It lets me know what the ultimate author has for me. The way He wants my life, marriage and being a parent to be.
I know so many people have taught me things throughout my christian walk but sometimes I need to read it, write it all those things. I need to be able to study on it and apply it...
So anyway... the book is called "Peacemaking For Families" If you are struggling in your life with the way you deal with conflict in your family I highly recommend read this book...

I will let you know how it goes.....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The weight game....

So lately I have to admit that I have been doing SOME better. I am not exercising like I should. Although to me that can tend to be a dirty word. I have asked hubby for an elliptical. We shall see. I love those things. Not to mention the doc said it was the best thing for this bad hip and knee I have. So I have been doing things like big salads for lunch with fat free dressing. Whole wheat muffins with a scrambled egg white. Lots of water and milk. I have really really cut back on my sweet tea. I do still get it when we go out but hey...
My biggest hurdle seems to be the nighttime snacking. I can go all day long and only eat when I am hungry. I hear the suggestions of read a book, do something constructive. The problem with that is I can eat while I read. So do you see my dilemma?? Do you have any suggestions? I am bound and determined to not be the fat friend in the group. I have become that in some circles even if those ladies don't think so. Thank you for your support and prayers. Talking about it here on my blog has helped me a great deal. I fee accountable to someone. I really don't have the extra money to go to WW meetings or do the Weigh Station. So again thanks....

Sunday Snow

These are just from different views in the house. So I just thought I would share the beauty God gave us today...