Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Fathers Day Daddy

So Sunday is Fathers Day and I have been blessed to have one of the best there is. My dad was blessed with 2 daughters 12 years apart. Was he a glutten for punishment!!!! Well, anyway I love him dearly despite my actions have not always shown that. I have put my daddy through so much with stupid decisions but he always has loved me and gave me the best advice he can. I love you daddy

This is my sister Julie, my daddy Rusty and me. My Dad had 2 daughters as you can see but out of that he got 2 great son in laws and 2 grandsons that love their Pawpaw dearly

My mom and dad have been married nearly 37 years (in September) that seems to be unheard of with alot of my friends. Despite the hard times they went through over all those years I believe they love each other more now than they ever did before. I am so lucky to have parents who have overcome alot of obstacles and love us and tell us the way it really it is.

I love you daddy.... Happy Fathers Day