Sunday, February 7, 2010

Our Week

As we have went into February the boys and myself have pretty much been homebound almost the entire week. The only day we had school was on Thursday the 4th. Last weekend our area was pounded by a snow storm which in my yard left about 10" of snow. To be honest I really didn't mind the bad part is laziness set in on me in a big ole way.
Like I said we did make it to school Thursday, however we were 2 hours late. The boys would have caught the bus at 9am or thereabouts. I got a phone call at 9:20 "Mom the bus still hasn't shown up" UGH. So I proceed to call Henry because I can't leave on the spot I have been filling in for my manager who is very sick. I called the schools to see if they know what is goin on and find out the bus got stuck! I call the boys and tell them hang tight that way it won't be counted against them. They finally made it!
I am thankful that was the day we were able to get out because Dylan had an appointment with Dr. Lebolt, the doctor that did his surgery. We go in anxiously waiting to hear how things look. Dylan is 5 months out from surgery. Thi is the point we would find out if he could get fitted for his ACL brace which would also release him to begin being normal again. Normal meaning he can play sports, do pe all the things a 13 year old should be doing.
Beth Ashe who I love love love, came in to ask how things are goin, Dylan of course said good. She checked his flexion had him flex the muscles in both legs. She thinks things look good. We do have to work on how far back he can bend but otherwise looks good. As we were goin out of the room Dr. Lebolt came down to chat with us. Dr. Lebolt is a great guy he along with other doctors from Tech work with our football program which as a mom and coach wife we are very thankful to have that. Anyway, Beth updated him and he wants Dylan to go do the biodex test to test his strength just to be sure where we are. Aaron, the physical therapist guy should be contacting me this week for us to get together to measure Dylans leg and get his brace. It all goes well by March Dylan will be able to get involved and not have to be on the sidelines WOO HOO! I will keep you posted.
We knew that another snow storm was expected to move in on Friday. OH BOY! I made my trek to the grocery store along with every other person in town. I actually had to tell a woman she was line jumping when she tried to cut me. She didn't want to hear but I made sure she did. Not a good trait I have but one I have to ask the good Lord to help me with.
We wake up Friday morning and so begins another storm that has kept everyone snowed in all weekend. It snowed, and snowed, and snowed, and snowed! Henry stayed home from work because the last big one it took him nearly 2 hours to make a 30 mile drive. Better safe than sorry. I will have to say so far me and my guys have done really well not killing one another. Yesterday Henry and I got a little snippy with one another but it was very quick and over.
Today is Super Bowl Sunday, GO SAINTS who are playinig the Colts. To be honest I don't normally cheer for either one but I have picked the Saints as have my guys. So we shall see.
Anyway that is it in about a nutshell. We hear we are supposed to get 8 more inches Tuesday... UGH... Here are some pictures of this weekends snow.... Enjoy......

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The last time I checked my calender we are in the first part of February. Correct me if I am wrong but isn't that still part of winter? So please tell me why people are complaining about snow. I always thought that was part of the package deal winter = snow. I always loved being from the old Dominion because you could tell the difference between all 4 seasons. We always, when I was growing up, had the great privilege of being able to enjoy winter, spring, summer, and fall as they were meant to be. It wasn't always blistering hot, or freezing cold, or raining.
I remember one year when Zack was first starting school he only went to school one day the entire month of January. I remember there always being snow to play in when I was a little girl.
God gave us these seasons and the weather we have for a reason. It is all part of His plan. I am just amazed because the same people that complain it is too cold and we are having too much snow tend to be the same ones that complain it is too hot and dry. Give me a break even the good Lord can't please everyone and it is all part of His plan so see the joy in it don't complain all the time it gets old!!!!