Friday, April 17, 2009

Meet Radley

Well We have a new member of our family. Meet Radley, he is an 8 week old yellow lab. We have been on the search for a dog for a couple of months now. We sat down as a family after our hound ran off as to whether we wanted another dog. Also about where the dog would live. We have always had outdoor dogs but decided that if we wanted to have a pet that animal should be a part of our everyday life. He came to us on Thursday evening from a liter of dogs that were born from a rescued lab. He is full blood just no papers so we got him free. Which the paper thing is no big deal to us. We don't plan to breed or anything. Actually by summers end he will be fixed. We did research on several types of dogs and as a family this is the one breed we could agree on. I had a black lab as my first pet. Also we had a black lab/dalmation mix. They were both really good dogs.

He had his first puppy visit to the vet today. He is gonna be a big guy. He weighed in at 9lbs at 8 weeks. I know he will be big but we live in a home where he will have plenty of room. Besides we all agreed that we really would prefer a larger breed of dog. I know we are up for a big challenge as far as his chewing and such. We are all determined though to really work with him and be good puppy parents.

I think after talking with the vet and all we know about labs we made a good choice for our family. We love him to death already and cannot wait to see him grow and the blessing he will be to us all.


The Johnson Punkin Patch~ said...

Ok, he is just the cutest thing ever!!!! My kids just fell in love :)
Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog! And by the way, way to go on your inches lost and weight loss, you go girlfriend {{snap, snap}}!!
Keep at it and keep me posted, what a great encouragement we can be to each other :)