Sunday, May 17, 2009

Update on our family

*Long blog lots of updates....

I have fallen off the wagon lately on my blogging so I need to get caught back up. We have had a lot going on lately the biggest thing starting with my sisters wedding. First of all I cannot believe how the time has flown by and she is a grown woman now. If you don't know us I should tell you we are 12 years apart in age.
She has found her soul mate and as I type they should be on their way home from what I am sure is a wonderful honeymoon for the last week in Jamacia. Don't you feel sorry for them!!!!

I have to say she made a beautiful bride to no surprise. I am so proud of her. She married a Grayson boy and they both seem to be very happy. I know they will have struggles as done any married couple. I pray that God will lead them on the most blessed journey far about anything they could imagine.

The colors she picked were great and so different from what you see in other weddings. She picked palm beach coral and a chocolate color. I love the dress I got the privelage with my mom of helping her pick out. IT all meshed so well together. Her flower was a calla lily. Everything seem to come off without a hitch. Mom said she picked up the wedding pictures yesterday and I cannot wait to see them. I love you sis have a blessed and loving marriage.I thought too I would update you on the murder that took place a few weeks ago on our street. All we hear is not to worry. I am sure the police are doing a great job. I was told that the husband was brought in for a lie detector test. Other than that and lots of rumors and speculation I don't know anymore as of yet. I will say however Henry and I noticed that alot more company is around than there ever was before. I guess that could be a good thing. Who knows... I will let you know when I hear more.

On Friday morning we had a bit of excitement here at home. Dylan was outside just before 7am waiting on his bus. He looked over and walking out of our driveway was a full grown black bear. He came running back into the house yelling for me, which that in itself scared me. He told me what happened and I say the bear across the road. Poor Zack couldn't see him no contacts in yet. I went on Saturday and told the neighbors about him so they could be aware. They told me he has been around before and glad YES GLAD he is back. So now when we walk Radley we are on alert!!!!
I have missed my last couple of blessings post. The biggest things that have been blessings for me have been the marriage of my sister, my husband saying last night that he has a good life he has no idea what that meant to me. All the prayers for the broken toes. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that on Mothers Day I broke two toes. WOO HOO
I am thankful for sons that have been aware that i am not able to do as much as I ususally am. I am thankful for co workers that have been very helpful. I am thankful for teh 14 pounds I have lost. I am thankful for the friends that I have old and new. I am thankful for parents that I love very much.
I am thankful for a wonderful loving church family. Getting past all the things that keep us busy and we are there for one another and love each other dearly.
Have a blessed week all