Monday, April 6, 2009

Donating plasma

Today I did something new. I went and donated plasma. I have donated blood many times over the years as has Henry. I had saw a commercial a couple of weeks ago about donating plasma. It intrested me. Not to mention they pay you. I know that sounded a little sleezy to me at first. So I prayed alot about it and did research about the process. I was not to put off by any of it.

I went up this morning to Roanoke Plasma Center and donated for the first time. They put you through a physical and lots of questions. That was fine with me, better to be safe then sorry.

I was very relaxed and the lady that put my needle in was really good at it. I have had some over the years that have jabbed me to death. She wasn't however very friendly. That is not neither here nor there. It was actually very intresting to watch the plasma seperate from my blood. It actually looked like apple juice!!!

They say you can go up to twice a week as long as you leave one full day between donation days. I am not so sure my body can handle that much. But hey going here and there and donating and make a little money to boot I can handle that


The Johnson Punkin Patch~ said...

Good for you Lisa! I have always envied people that could do that because I have always wanted to but can't because I am anemic.
Good job!