Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fridays Fav Five

I just cannot believe that we are on the final weekend of March '09. Where is this year going so fast. Maybe it is just because my family is getting older. I always heard the older you get the faster it goes. Who knows.... I miss the days when my kids were small but I love watching the new challenges and changes they are making in their lives.
Ok now on to my favorite blessings for this past week.....

*I am thankful Henry got to go to Wake Forest with some of the other coaches from the CHS football team for a coaches clinic with the college coaches and players. I have heard it in his voice how excited he has been to be there. Also that the Lord has been working some things out for him and answering some of his prayers and mine.

*I am thankful for a peaceful (for the most part) week at work. I am finding I am not getting wrapped in the middle of everything as much as I used to.

*I am thankful that my marriage seems to be growing in such a positive way. Henry and I laugh more and have enjoyed one anothers company much more.

* I am thankful for sons that are willing to be so very helpful to their parents and adults outside the home. I relish in seeing the strong character they are developing.

*I am thankful for the nice dinner the boys and I had last night and got to spend time together.

I have an extra one this week.....

*As much as people have been complaining about it. I am thankful for the rain we have been getting lately. So many people have lost so much over the last years with the drought, now the economy. We need this rain and much more (but not excessive) This will let more people plant their own food this summer and have more with out worrying as much how to get by and put food on the table. Thank God for rain and sunshine and the balance from each......


The Busy Blaine's said...

Great post!!! I love you guys!

The Johnson Punkin Patch~ said...

Thanks again for sharing the blessings of your week! Don't you just love watching God working in the lives of our husbands?!?! It is soooo exciting to me!
Have a great week counting your MANY blessings :)