Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fridays Favorite Five...

So my dear friend over at The Punkin Patch has been doin this really cool thing. She has been posting her favorite five things at the end of the week. I like this idea because it lets you look back over the week and remember what your blessings have been. I do think we need to look back at the little things God puts in our lives.
So here goes.

*Watching my 12 year old outside doing exercises to get himself in shape for baseball season. He is pushing himself more than I ever could

*Having a husband that took very good care of me while I suffered from that horrible stomach flu.

*Seeing Zack wanna do all he can to do his best in school and watching him become a wonderful young man.

*Hearing the ladies at work talk about how they wish they had their parents here on earth and being thankful to know that not only do I have my parents but my in laws.

*Having good friends that call to just say they love me and hope I am getting well.

I am thankful for all that God has seen fit to give me. I am in His hands.


Melissa Spencer Lundy said...

It's kinda nice to see someone that is finally greatful for what they have, instead of griping about what they don't. I go through this at work almost every day lately. Makes me want to tell them to wake up and look around. I see people much worse off than I am and sometimes it's good for me! I'm glad we've gotten back in contact after a long 18 year break! And I love yall as much as I did in 1991!

The Johnson Punkin Patch~ said...

Yea, you did it too!!! Isn't awesome to not only think about the things that God has blessed you with but to share them with others? I really appreciated your favorites and look forward to reading more!
Keep looking up and forward (: