Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Favorite cookbook for the weekday

Many people know we have a crazy life. At least for half the year we are on the go constantly. Also working in a kitchen the last thing I wanna do when I come home is cook some big ole meal. Well, I have found something to help me out with this problem. It is a cookbook I got from Pamprered Chef called 29 minutes to dinner.

I have to tell you most everything I have cooked thus far has held true to the name. It will also give you the time it takes to prepare or at least there abouts. Cause you know none of us have any distractions goin on while we cook!!!! I have made probably about a half a dozen things from here and so far the guys have liked all of them. The last thing I made was an Italian meatball soup with homemade croutons. Oh and one more thing I like abou it, is it gives you all the dietary information for each recipe. That is great if you are following the point system with Weight Watchers or just trying to be aware of your calorie intake. So if you are looking for a cookbook to help you with quick but good meals, this is it.