Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines Day

So yesterday was Valentines day. It was a good weekend. Henry started by sending me these beautiful roses that just made my day.

So I had the guys gifts on the table waiting on them to be opened we don't do too much for the boys but we do something. We gave Dylan a movie "The Express" and Zack got a new basketball. We gave them both candy.
Men are hard to shop for I gave Henry a weight tree for all the weights laying on the floor. The boys gave him "Saw V" We love those movies last year we got steaks from the Roadhouse and watched #4

So my dear sweety told me I couldn't wear jeans out on our V-Day dinner. We had to dress nice I was so excited. We attempted the Farmhouse which was horrible. Even with reservations most were waiting almost 2 hours. If you walked up no telling how long you would wait. So we decided to go somewhere else and ended up at our safe-net Red Lobster. It was nice and still ended up being a late dinner. Henry gave me a pair of diamond earring studs and the boys gave me a new Willow Tree Angel "Quietly"

It was a really good weekend. I love my husband very very much and i am blessed to have him as my husband.


The Busy Blaine's said...

Glad you had such an awesome V-Day. You 2 deserve it!!!