Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2 days and doin ok

So I posted a blog on my weight and how it is out of control. Well since then for 2 days I have done ok. Yesterday I watched how much I ate and when. Today I have done pretty well. I haven't eatten any junk food. I have to admitt the late night is my down fall. I tend to wanna eat then lay right down and go to sleep. That is so not good and is staying on every part of my body. I have watched the sugar in take and trying to make sure I drink more water even if it is Sobe or Propel. So I haven't weighed and I won't for a bit because those numbers depress me. Don't get me wrong I will eventually, but not now. So 2 days in and what I will not call a diet or weight loss mission or whatever. So keep prayinig thanks for the encouragement ladies.... Keep you posted


The Johnson Punkin Patch~ said...

Keep going girl! You can do it!
I too have started watching what I eat and trying to get more active so I am right there with you :)
My husband and I are trying to follow the Flat Belly Diet, so far so good, we'll see. I have only committed to 32 days, knowing that I will know if this is for me or not~ Praying for you and hoping you are starting to feel better :)

Lisa said...

Hey Janet...
I have tried to go to your blog and it tells me I am not an invited reader... I hope you get this... I have missed reading your..... what is the Flat Belly Diet