Friday, February 27, 2009

Sharing my faves.

So my dear friend over at The Busy Blaines shared what her faves were head to toe and I though I would do the same. Although I have to say I take alot of advice from my dear friend there :)
So following her start I thought I would share some of my favorite things I use. Now keep in my mind I am pretty simple with alot it but hey less is more right?

So I start my regiment with an old faithful. Noxema has been something I have loved and used since I was a teenager. I have to admit. I have tried other cleansers. I always seem to end up back with good ole Noxema. I tend to breakout more now as an adult than I ever did as a teen. This has always seemed to help to keep my skin clean. Not to mention I love the way it makes my skin feel.

So again I like another ole faithful, Oil of Olay. My grandmother had always told me that it is never too early to start fighting what will eventually march all over your face. Well the crows are now marching on my face so I am gonna have to add a little more help.

I am expecting to receive soon the Philosophy starter kit so hopeful I will find something from that I will love that will help.

So while I tried to get a picture on here it wouldn't let me snag one. So I wanted to say that since I have my hands and arms and alot of times being the goofball I am the rest of me in bleach water my skin stays really dry. I love using Suave cocoa and shea butter body wash and lotion. They do wonders with my dry skin. Plus much to many who think I shouldn't I do lay in the tanning bed and it tends to help keep my color.

I am a Tresemme girl ... OH LA LA LA... I have found that with naturally curly hair it can be so hard to find things that will keep my curls under control. Well I tried Tresemme and I love it. The entire line of their curl locking products are great. From the shower to hairspray that is all I use.

So as I said before I tend to have problems with adult acne. Well my dear friend over at The Busy Blaines turned me on to mineral foundation. I will never ever again use liquid. This is the best...

I also love in my make up routine Cover Girl Lash Blast. This is one of the best mascares I have ever used. I love the length it gives me.

My favorite lip glosses are by Wet and Wild. They are 2 very neutral shades which I love.Finally my absolute favorite perfume is Far Away from AVON. This is such a clean scent that isn't too overpowering.

So now I have bored you with what I love to use. As was asked where I read this blog to begin with what do you like to use????


The Busy Blaine's said...

I always wondered what fragrance you wear. You always smell great. Thanks for sharing!