Sunday, January 31, 2010

Destiny of a Season by ME

The date was August 3rd;Time for two-a-days to begin.Coach Cromer hits the field;With a big optimistic grin.Two years no play off dance;This year will be our year.The boys keep their focus;This year there is no fear.The Buffaloes were ready;They gave us quite a game.Straight into overtime;Rasnake made known his name.The Demons were fired up now;Ready to show their fight.So next we played the Spartans;Giles wasn’t ready for that night.Cavaliers are an old rival;We had not seen in awhile.They needed to be reminded;CHS would beat them by a mile.The poor Bassett Bengals;They had Boo no more.The boys sent those little kittens;Right back out the door.Patrick Henry Patriots;On homecoming we played them again.Weller was crowned our king;And we got that big fat win.The Pulaski County Cougars;We were ready just the same.God opened up the heaven;When the Demons won that game.Hidden Valley Titans;David Williams stole that game.The Titans won that night;But the next outcome would not be the same.Salem was senior night;The Demons were ready to win.But after three overtimes;The refs said Ryan wasn’t in.The Knights on Bogle Field;Were the next ones we would see.Too many holding calls;Seemed to be playing the referees.The Blacksburg Bruins;Weren’t ready to give in.But that cross town rival;Was the Demons to win.We entered into playoffs;With many goals in mind.But one was not to be beaten;By the Titans and Spartans a second time.Bassett came to our house again;Hoping for a second chance.But with Jay and the JV against their first string.It would be the Bengals last dance.Hidden Valley wasn’t ready;For what the Demons had in store.For Zac, Williams wasn’t ready;And of Aaron that QB wanted no more.Tyler’s catch was beautiful;But pain to him it would bring.It set the game in motion;Beating the Titans 28-3We rolled into Salem;The Spartans thought it would be our last stand.But the boys, and the fans with their spirit shakers;We we all had other plans.In all the years past;This field brought us down.But oh no not this year;The Blue Demons were in town.The game was on a cold night;But no one there would care.CHS had not won region;Since ’88 when Coach Scott was a player there.Coach Lewis pumped them up;While they jumped all around.Coach Millers defense was ready;To put them on the ground.The Demons came out fighting;Leading 6-0.Steven found his kicking foot;As he found his arm long ago.We went into halftime;Still holding the lead.It became evident;Region 4 champs we would be.The Demons shut down the Spartans;13-0 on that bitter cold Friday night.That had not happened on that field;Since ’82 and the days of Willis White.Onto state semi-final;Against Amherst they would play.A lot is on the the line;With Mr. Cromer our QB’s would pray.All the boys fought hard;With great coaches teaching them the plays.But even with Josh’s last minute touchdown;It was time to call it a day.Our boys made a lot of history;For CHS with each game they played;First 10 win season ever.With a great bunch of seniors leading the way.They proved everyone wrong;News media and other teams.Becoming the 2009 Region 4 Champs;These boys were destined to be.