Sunday, January 31, 2010

Been awhile... no pics ... LONG BLOG

Well it has been awhile since I have blogged. Life caught up with us in a big demanding way this past fall. So I am gonna try in a nutshell to get up to speed.
The last time I blogged was in July so I will start in August. In August of course football started up in the Scott household. Henry is still coaching the defensive line for CHS varsity and jv. My oldest Zack played his last season of jv for CHS. He will be moving up to varsity this next season. Zack still played wide receiver and safety. Dylan as a 7th grader went out for the 8th grade team. As a 7th grader at CMS you must try out for the 8th grade team. That is the only time you have to try out for football in Christiansburg. Dylan along with 2 others Andrew and Asher (both great guys) made the team.
So the season began actually a little before that because this past summer our varsity did some 7 on 7's and also did a camp with Amherst which would be ironic later on in the season. Also we did an inter squad game called the Blue and White game with jv and varsity. We sold tickets and had the event catered by Texas Roadhouse. We, being the Touchdown Club, were so very pleased with the turnout we had from the community. I do believe with all this little extra the team did made a huge difference in the squads season and attitudes.
The varsity started their season 6-0. We were rolling on and our star linebacker Zac Weller got hurt along with a few other factors we lost 3 in a row. Once things got back on track the boys went on to become Division IV Region 4 Champs. They beat Salem at Salem which is something they had not done ever at Salem's field. Not only that they shut Salem down scoreless on their field. That had not been done since 1982. VERY BIG DEAL!!!! The boys went onto state semi-finals, one game from state. They played AMHERST. They gave Amherst the closest game they had played all season losing 21 - 23. A few mistakes took place that lost us the game. It was a tough loss but the boys had a GREAT season with the schools first EVER 10 win season. This also was the first Region Championship since my husband had played his junior year in 88. So it was pretty cool that my husband was the only one who had won that honor as a coach and player.
My son Zack moved up to varsity during the playoffs and played in the first round where the boys beat Bassett for the second time that season. Zack had a really good season. He started at safety all season up to the point that he came down with the H1N1 flu. He missed a week of practice and had a tough time from that point. But he had a good season acting as captain and putting some boys on their butts hard. I as always was very proud of him. He will be a junior playing varsity this next season so I hope to see them go on to greater success next season.
Dylan went to the 8th grade team earning a starting positon as center. He was starting nose guard but was moved back to 2nd string so that he wasn't playing both ways all game every game. Dylan forced a fumble the one defensive series he played in the Floyd game. The kid that he forced the fumble on a dear lady to us got a great picture of it. (I will post some pics in a later blog) The young man that he forced the fumble on is actually the nephew of one my dear friends. We came to discover that Dylan broke this boys arm with a hair line fracture. Dylan went on to practice the next week. On August 31st in practice some of Dylans teammates came down on his knee when a fumble went between his legs.
When the boys (about 6 of his teammates) came down on his leg Dylan hurt his knee. His dad and I took Dyl to see a great guy and surgeon that works with our teams to see what was going on because Dylan was very swollen. Dr. Lebolt sent Dylan to have an MRI. When we went back we were told that Dylan had torn his ACL, strained his MCL and ripped the Meniscus. He scheduled a surgery to repair the damage for 9-9-09.
We showed up on that day nerves up in throats for all of us. They took Dylan back at 9:09am for surgery. (Do you see the pattern here) They had told us that they would be grafting off Dylans hamstring to repair the ACL. When they got inside his knee (the right one) they found that is MCL was also torn and it had to be tacked down and his meniscus had to be clipped and cleaned up too much tearing.
Surgery went very well, and Dyl was determined he was gonna do what was needed during his therapy to get well. Unfortunately he picked up some bug in the hospital and was very sick with stomach issues for about 2 weeks which put him back to school later than planned. Anyway, once his stomach settled he got back to school into therapy. Dylan worked very hard in therapy and is now in weight training. We actually go back to Dr. Lebolt this coming Thursday and hopefully he will be fitted for his ACL brace and will be able to have some restrictions lifted from him. He has been unable to do p.e. or any sports at all. He cannot even turn corners when he runs. So I know he is sick of sitting on the sidelines.
Also with Dylan as I had told you awhile back about his C-Peptides, well they got a little out of whack during his surgery and sickness. So they were elevated again the last couple of times he went to Dr. Faris. But the kid is averaging 1-2" of growth about every 3 months. So needless to say both boys are taller than I am.
So that gets us through football season. We had a great banquet for which I wrote a poem I will post in a separate blog. I love those boys on all 3 teams like they are my own....
My sister and her husband bought a house but unfortunately the weather has not been in their favor to get things moving as quickly as they would like. I do believe now though things are moving along a little better. Julie is a Mary Kay consultant so if you need anything or want to have a party let me know and I will put you in touch with her.
I have been dealing with some personal issues the last little while. Actually for more than a year I have been struggling with where I was attending church. Different reasons had caused me to become very uncomfortable and lacking in what I was or was not getting. So we have visited a few places. The impasse I am at now is however is that Henry doesn't wanna change and I am uncomfortable in what was our church home for 4 years. So please pray. I feel like if I go back it would be very fake and going through the motions. And as Forest Gump says "that is all I have to say about that" I just don't feel I need to air any dirty laundry I have. It is between me, God and my husband. God will put me where He wants me.
That pretty much gets me up to Christmas. Which was a good one. We did actually have snow on Christmas. It had snowed a foot and a half a couple of days before. So it was nice to have snow on Christmas. The week after Henry's mawmaw had a spell and passed out in the home where she lives in NC. She is suffering from Alzheimer's, which my Nannie also had. It is not pleasant. On New Years Eves my father in law was put into the hospital. He had a brain stem stroke a few years ago and we were afraid that had happened again. Luckily that was not the case. He is however in rehab, his vertigo is out of whack and his thyroid was also messing him up. He is on some different meds so hopefully this will get him straight.
On 1/17 Zack turned 16... yes 16. I cannot believe it. He is not driving off on his own yet. He is turning into such a wonderful young man and I am so proud of him. Despite the fact that at times he seems like he cannot stand to be near me, he is my wonderful son, and I am blessed that God gave him to me to raise. Lord knows I don't know how I deserve either of them. Zack is running indoor track for the first time. He did really well in his first meet a couple of weeks ago. He has a meet at Heritage this coming weekend running the 500m and the 4x400m.
Dylan plans to help with CMS baseball team. Henry and I are chugging along. Both of us are feeling in for our bosses at our jobs. Henry's boss had a quadruple bypass and my manager has pneumonia.
I am trying to get back to my blog I have missed you all.......


Stephanie said...

I am glad you are blogging again. I haven't since Dec. I feel ashamed. It was good to see you the other day and I will be praying for you. You can call me anytime!!