Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Snow

Well we have had the first snow of 2010. It came right at the end of January. We had a big snow previously just 2 days before Christmas giving us here at my house 18". We were thrilled to have had a white Christmas.
This time we ended up with just under a foot. I live in a very beautiful wooded area and even though I am in town limits I still feel like I am somewhat in the country. I get the best of both worlds
This scene of trees is in my front yard. I am surronded by different pine trees, maple and oaks. They are beautiful one way or another year round.

This is a shot of my van, about 11am on Saturday morning. Needless to say it hasn't moved any since all this started.

I placed this ruler on my front porch roughly about 11am. At that time we had about 9". It continued to snow on into the evening. While it is beautiful to look at my guys sure don't enjoy shoveling

This is my small garden flag. The pengiuns are appropriate in the snowy weather.

This is the view out my front door to the neighbors house across the street. Which as you can see you cannot see the street!!!! We tend to be one of the last ones that gets scraped.

This is mhy backyard.

The Dodge is getting buried too.

Just liked the way this tree looked...