Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Kitchen and my mistreatments

Well I am finally getting some pictures up of my kitchen. I am pretty happy with it. The only thing I have seen some painting mistakes but that is easily fixed when I get a chance. Anyway this is a picture of the walls and cabinets before I took on painting them.

This is the after result. I am very pleased. The walls are painted with ponytail and the cabinets are called bone. I decided to take advice of a dear family member and leave the existing hardware and I am glad I did I love it.

So here is the new valance I hung over the kitchen window. I found it by accident really at Lowes with my sister. It really goes well with all the black appliances and the walls.

This is one of 2 panels that were 7' long as you can see too much. So I decided with a knot in my stomach to get somewhat creative and make smaller curtians. I was scared I would cut too much

Here is the final result I am so tickled. I used the existing bottom hem of one of the panels (cut in half) to make the tie backs. I am pretty happy.

I used hemming tape to redo the hem I love that stuff and always have it in my sewing case.....


The Busy Blaine's said...

You did a GREAT job!!!!! It looks fantastic!!!

Thresa said...

That looks awesome! I was so glad to see you all this past weekend. Be looking in your mailbox for an invite to Jennifer's shower. I know everyone is busy, but I really do hope you can come ;)