Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bush Gardens and Virginia Beach

So we finally got to go on vacation even if it was only for a few days it was worth it. We decided to go to Bush Gardens in Williamsburg and Virginia Beach. As most know Henry and I lived in Hampton for sometime while Henry went through the Apprentice school.

We left out at 3am Thursday morning and the kids and Henry crashed while I drove ( I had slept a few hours after VBS) Speaking of VBS I was bummed I had to miss the last 2 nights. I had a group of GREAT kids. They were so loving and well behaved.

Anyway we arrived in Williamsburg around 7:30 and stopped off at Golden Corral for breakfast and to stretch for a bit. We had a nice breakfast and as usual Zack kept us entertained even that early. Speaking of Zack I hadn't heard a word out of him and when we got on the other sided of Richmond he pops up and said when are we getting food. That is my dear teenage son.....

So after we left breakfast we went to pick up the 2 FREE tickets we got for the park and went on to Bush Gardens. We actually got there at 9:30 right around when they opened. We figured we would make the most out of the day. As we enter into the park we saw one of the displays where you can stick your head through. Well I would like for you to notice what each one says the boys are in. Dylans says,"The cost of an untidy chamber" and Zacks "for the want of a quiet tounge" They didn't read what they said before they got in. But funny how they fit perfect!!! Their dad and I got a big kick out of it.

Well Henry and I have always loved the Clysedale horses. We have pictures with them every time we go there. When we would have went before in our drinking days we would have bought all kinds of shirts and junk..... But here are a few shots of the horses.

We rode a couple of rides that are in 4D and they were very cool. They both were fun and there were things we liked bettter about each of them. There was one in Ireland which is were the picture is taken. The other ride is in Germany and a castle.

So we rode every roller coaster in the park. My favorite besides the Loch Ness (which will always rank at the top) is the new one called Griffon. We finally got Dylan on it at the end of the day. Dylan rode Loch Ness, Griffon and Big Bad Wolf.

Speaking of Wolves these two are wolves they have there they rescued. One is a white wolf and the other grey. Dylan got the biggest kick seeing them sitting there howling (which I wasn't able to get a picture of) Also they had several eagles they had saved from death.

There is a picture of all of us on the Loch Ness I will post when Henry scans it in for me tomorrow. It is a good picture....

This fountain cracked the boys up they saw it only as a naked lady on top and not art so I had to get a picture..... Those are my boys!!!!

So the next day we went to Virginia Beach and spent sometime there. I have missed the beach. We lived near Buckroe beach. I miss it. Henry and I took the boys around Hampton on our last day there and showd them where they would have gone to school our old house. We stopped to see one of our old neighbors. He was amazed at how the boys had grown Dyl wasn't even a year old when we left. We took them over the James River Bridge so they could get a good look at the shipyard and teh boats where their dad worked. We talked about how different our lives might have been. I worked for Cannon and we would have had our house halfway paid for at a little over $400 a month. Kind of depressing when you think about it..... But we do know God had other things planned for us.

I do have to say I was amazed at how things have changed. Things have grown and some of our favorite spots are gone.

Here are a few pictures of our time at the beach. We had alot of fun and wished we could've stayed longer. I am so looking forward to our trip next year with my whole family.


GillespiesGirl said...

Looks like you had a great time! If your like me, I usually need a vacation after vacation! :) Have a great day!

The Busy Blaine's said...

I'm glad you all had such a great time. We missed you guys. Tell Henry I especially love the picture of him asleep with his mouth open;) hehehe Love ya!