Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mission luncheon

So recently one of our wonderful young men in our church who has done great things with our youth and will grow to be an amazing pastor had one of his professors come up from Piedmont College to speak on missions. Our church as most of you know just got gome home from a short term mission trip. This man was wonderful to listen to him speak. He could really make you stop and look at yourself. He was telling us about when he takes teams on mission trips he requires them to research where they are going and do a ten page paper. Really that makes sense how can you go and try to talk to people when you know nothing about where you are going. He made me stop and think about how much scripture I truely know right off my tounge rather than having to flip through the Bible all the time. He also shared with us how Americans go to other countries and we make ourselves too known because we are so very loud. I believe it. I think I discovered that fact recently when we went to Montana. But we kept wondering why in resturants we were treated in not so nice ways but after I think about it maybe we were a bit much. Even though in our mind we really weren't doing anything abnormal.
We had lunch that day at Ryan's and there was about a handful of us that showed up which I was disappointed with that but God moves where He knows he needs to. I do believe tht this professor made a huge impression many of our teens. Which is a group I am seeing lots of growth in this summer including my own son. I pray that

not only do the teens take heed of what was said but also that the adults that were there do as well including myself. So I just wanted to share some of the photos from that day. One of the ladies slipped off before I could get the photo. She too has been on short term missions.....

I guess for me it all boils down to I need to make sure that I am much more prepared next time I go on a mission trip and try to make sure I am what God expects out of me. I fall short so often of what God means for women to be. I could take a lesson from a couple of wonderful ladies in my church on being submissive.