Saturday, June 7, 2008


Well starting this week I am in the process of redecorating and trying to make this home more us. By fault we just got a new toilet in the upstairs bathroom. My bathroom..... I won't go into it but a simple project became replacing the whole thing. That is ok though it needed to be. I found this really cool refinishing kit and Monday I plan to paint the sink. That is right I said paint. This is specailly designed for tile, tubs and sinks. I plan to post pics next week. I will do before and after as soon as I can. I also finally got all my appliances black, however I am still waiting after a year to get my dishwasher (that is downstairs) installed. That is a whole other blog on its own. Anyway on the advice of Henry's cousin Crystal combined with another friend I am leaving the handles on my kitchen drawers and cabinets. I am going with a deep darker cream called Ponytail on the walls. I then am gonna do the cabinets in a lighter color that I have not 100% decided on. Zacks room we are doing Carolina blue GO TARHEELS... Dyl has decided to do a wide red stripe around the top of his room trimmed in navy and I am gonna paint the Red Sox B on the wall I hope. Lastly I plan to remove the wall paper from the bottom half of Henrys bath downstairs and paint it navy I then plan to decorate in nautical theme. I have started picking up peices here and there. Ross has been great to find things. So hopefully I will have pics up soon.... wish me lcuk