Thursday, June 12, 2008

Redecorating another bathroom

Well today I did some more painting on bathroom number 2, Henry's bathroom, the man cave bathroom. Believe me after those guys there awhile its name fits.

Anyway when we bought the house we knew that the downstairs would mainly be Henry's space. The wallpaper was a bit girly with flowers all over it. But we knew we have to deal with it for awhile.

So on Tuesday I began tearing down wallpaper and I have decided that next time I will save money and hire someone to take it down. Because I do have another bathroom (mine) that has wall paper that I like. Also our front living room has wallpaper. But I like it too. Finally this mornng I got done cleaning the walls and primed them and began to paint. When I started I got scared. I was so worried I had made a mistake with the color. If you will remember I said before I am doing his bathroom nautical. The color I chose can also tie into other intrest in Henry's life. So this (with paint still wet) is the finished product.

I have some minor touchups to do. But I have to pick up a small brush.

So yesterday Zack and I painted his room. Before it was all white and Zack wanted Carolina blue. So here it is.

I also wanted to show you a picture of the sink without all the tape.

There are still 2 more rooms to do. My kitchen and Dylan's room. So check back I will post pictures of those project too. I hope to start on the kitchen Saturday. Dylan's room will probably be last. We are doing a Boston Red Sox thing in his room.....


The Busy Blaine's said...

Looking good sister friend!