Monday, June 16, 2008

Henry's man cave addition

So father's day has come and gone. When we bought our home last year we had a finished basement. I along with dear hubby made an agreement. Living with all guys you don't get much girly stuff. So Henry and I agreed that he would take the downstairs living area which consists of an office, a full bath and closet and covert it into a "Man Cave". I would take the upstairs living room and make it as girly as I wanted. Works for me.... So being that Henry is a football fanatic It is decorated with all football stuff. It has sports stuff from Henry and I when he and I were in high school and things that boys have accumelated since playing sports. Also it has a wall dedicated to his current coaching position. Also we recently got him a 52" tv that my sister gave us.

However this blog is dedicated to his recent cave update. My sister helped me get this. My hubby has loved the VOLS since he was a kid. He remembers this was his first baseball hat he had as a kid. He got to go with a good friend of ours to the Kentucky vs. TN game last fall that went into like 4 or 5 overtimes with the VOLS winning. So when my sister called me to tell me about this TN addition I was excited. His face made it all worth it. So here it is..... If you knew hubby you would understand. I am the football widow......


The Busy Blaine's said...

Yep it's definitley a man cave thing. I'll bet he loved it!!!! You're such a good wifey.

Handmade Housewife... said...

Hey Lisa,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I think you and your husband have made a very fair trade, and I love the blue you chose for the "man cave bathroom." That's a hilarious name! Very impressed with the sink too...can't wait to see more.