Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Decoration

Well I cannot believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. How in the world did this year fly by so fast? Although I always say that. Well anyway I thought I would share some of my Christmas decorations with you. I would love to see yours. So if you post it let me know so I can check it all out.

This is a photo of the outside of my house. Just real simple icicle lights candles with my frosty blowup (that I fought Clark for in the White elephant game a couple of years ago) YOu cannot see it in this picture but I have a snowman flag and a penguin flag too

This is a lighted gift box that my aunt made for me a few years ago. It has become one of my favorite decorations. My mom made me a new bow and I just haven't gotten around to putting it on. Sorry mom....

This is my manger scene. I think every single house should have one or a version of one. After all that is what we are celebrating this season for. Not presents, food and all that stuff.

This is one of my MANY snowmen. I love snowmen and I have them all over the house. This one along with several others hold tealight candles and look so pretty at night when I light them up. Look there is my mother in law Judy in a picture HEY JUDY...

So here is some more of my snowmen. These were given to me by the same wonderful lady at work. She drew my name two years in a row at work. But I am glad she did. She is a wonderful christian sister. The tall guy lights up and the little guy is part of a collectible set that I would love to have them all. The little cabin next to them is a tissue box that another lady at work had her hubby made for me....

So this is the tree upstairs. This is my tree where all the kids stuff goes on. All of our family ornaments, and all of my ornaments from when I was a kid that mom has given me. I don't have any of Henrys hmmmm.... This tree was given to me by mom. Some friends of hers and dads were moved to Hawaii to start up a new Gatorade plant. They didn't take alot of stuff with them. So mom was given this tree and she had nowhere to put it. I did so I took it. It is 71/2 feet and looks really beautiful in my front window. Sorry I cut the angels head off in this photo.

This is our man cave tree. This was the tree we used to use upstairs. It is prelit and has white lights. I decorated it in blue and gold to go with all of our CHS and GCHS stuff downstairs. Luckily where the boys go to school and where I went had the same colors. This was the only Christmas thing I put downstairs. Dont want to over do it with Henry.

So this poor little guy is in my kitchen. This is the tree Henry and the boys used while we were seperated. I have to use it. THe boys love it and I think it is cute.

So last but not least this is an arrangement Dylan made at school. Didn't he do a good job.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


The Busy Blaine's said...

Merry Christmas! Love you guys!