Saturday, December 27, 2008

Santa aka hubby

So Henry started out the Christmas season doing a great deed. He became Santa..... at least for a little while. Anyone who knows Henry and I know that pretty much everything Henry and I do revolves around kids of all ages. He said he got dressed at the house and rode to the church where our preschool is in his red dodge. So as you can imagine Santa in a RED truck turned heades even in the short drive to our church.
I stole these pics from a friends website. Thanks T......

I don't know all the kids but I know this little girl just rattled all kinds of stuff off he said he couldn't have remembered if he had to.

Mr. C here would NOT sit on Santas lap. But Santa got his attention by mentioning the Polar Express that he rode during Thanksgiving. I find it odd that he and "A" wouldn't sit on his lap because once he left C told his mom that Santa sounded and looked like Dylans dad!!! "A" revealed when she got home and just giggles now if I mention it.

This is little boy is very unsure....

He isn't a bad guy.....

Little "J" here is such a sweety and I hear she giggled the whole time. Which she always does. We had her in Bible School and "C" and "A" are in our Sunday School class..... HO HO HO