Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanksgiving tradition....

So here we are if you can believe it today only 32 days from Christmas and counting. But as we come upon Thanksgiving this week I was curious. What are your families traditions? Ours have evolved so to speak with the changes in our lives. When we lived in Hampton we came home when Henry got off from the shipyard and spent time with both families. So we stuffed ourselves to misery sometimes beyond misery and running back and forth up the interstate. Sounds fun huh!!!??? Since we have moved back home we still really have done that. Only now the difference is Henry and I tend to get aggrevated with one another because we both want to be with our families and we are rushing each other.
So this year we are trying something different. We will go to only ONE home. Yes one.... Although whichever one we don't go see on Thursday we will see the other during the rest of the holiday. Whichever one we go to on Thanksgiving we will go to the other on Christmas day and be with the other on Christmas Eve. Then the following year we will flip flop. I am so tired of being aggrevated with my husband by the end of the day. I do love him and that is not the way to spend a holiday you are supposed to be thankful for your loved ones.

I knew a family years ago that really just flew me for a loop. They would all gather together for Thanksgiving. Most all the family was upper middle class and didn't mind showing it. They did a tradition that I thought put the women beneath them in my opinion. The women would spend all day cooking and in the kitchen never getting a break. When dinner was finally ready the women would fix all of the men their plates and seat them at the dinning room table. The women and kids would wait until all the men were done before they could touch any food then they ate. Can you believe that? I don't mind helping my husband and my sons but I will not sit by like a good girl til they are done and eat what is left... But I guess all families are different.
I did ask why they did this and I was told that the men spend all their time working hard and they deserve to be treated that way. So what do the women see what they do as???? I work even when you are a SAHM you still work your butt off... oh well I guess I shouldn't think so much of it just be thankful for my family huh

So I was just curios what is your tradition? Do you still do what you did as a kid? Did you blend what your spouse does with your tradition? Did you start a new one?



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The Busy Blaine's said...

Hope you all have a great one!