Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friend is making purses

So a friend of mine is venturing in on something I wish I could do. She has began making quilted purses. They are great and I have fell in love with them. So I though I would share some of them with you.

So this one is mine. Of course I am gonna show this one first. Believe you me none of the photos do justice on how nice and well made this purse are. I am hard on my purses so....

So these two are a couple of her Christmas purses she has done. She is in the process of making me one with snowmen and snowflakes. Remember Christmas is coming if you are looking for a Christmas present.

So thise two are two of my favorites. I ecspecailly like the polkadots.

She also is offering wallets, checkbook covers and makeup cases to match. I have a wallet but for whatever reason have not taken a photo.

This is a pretty baby blue one. Tarheel blue....

Well if you can believe it I even posted the Tech ones!!! They are very good.

So if you are looking for gifts or want one for yourself let me know and I will let you know who to contact. IF you purchase the materials yourself the cost is $15. If Melissa does the cost is $25. i will put you in contact to find out what you need to get if you to buy it yourself.



The Busy Blaine's said...

I like em! Have to finish my Christmas list to see if I need any!

Love My Life said...

Wonder if she could do diaper bags?

Love My Life said...

We need to come up with something to make money. Glass blocks, the mason jars with popouri (spell?), or something!