Monday, October 20, 2008

Dylan and his health

So this is my youngest of my wonderful two sons. As most people know that know him Dylan is a loving young man. He has a heart of gold and very smart. He loves his family and friends. He fights for them to the death. He loves football CHS, the Mountaineers, and the Eagle. He loves the Boston Red Sox. He is a straight A student that is already planning college only being in the sixth grade. He is forgiving and forgiven. He is our youngest son and a child of God.
I tell you all this because I have been asking lots of you to keep him in your prayers. Dylan was 10lb 1 ounce at birth and never slowed down on his size. Everyone just said oh he will grow out of it. Well this summer we discovered that he hasn't really grown out of it but it is causing some health problems for my baby.
We have been seeing Dr. Fariss in Dublin who has been running some test. Dylan has had to have blood drawn more lately than he would ever like to he hates needles. We went today for the follow up appointment to find out his results. His kidneys and liver and all organs are good. He is however anemic (I think that is how you spell that) and his iron is very low. His c pep tide level was very high. That means that his natural insulin is not doing it's job and is building up. They have put him on a medication that should take care of this before he becomes a diabetic like his Papa. It also should help him get rid of some of that extra weight.
I hope it does it is not an issue for our family but for some reason other people have issues. I know Dyl says it doesn't bother him but he is human and I know it has to hurt sometimes. Although in this world people find something to not like you for. It is amazing to me however the range of friends that love my son. From little kids to the high school. I love having adults tell me how polite both my boys are. AMEN.... we are doing something the right way. We are truly blessed
So please keep Dylan and Zack too in your prayers....


The Johnson Punkin Patch~ said...

I have been praying for your Dylan since I saw your post on myspace. I hope that things are getting better for him and you too, Mama ;)!
I just read your latest post and saw his weight at birth 10lbs 1oz... my son Austin who just turned 11 was born that same exact weight! The more I read of you I see that we have very similar things in our life... maybe God introduced us for a reason? Who knows, He does!
Praying for you and your family!

Stephanie said...


I am praying for Dylan. I know God will bless him with a wonderful life. It is hard when one of your children have an issue. I just know these blood issues will turn around and things will be ok.

Your sister in Christ

Sugar Momma said...

I'm proud that Dylan has the willpower at his age to want to do this! Love you all