Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dylan's birthday

So Dylan had his 12th birthday party today. He will actually be 12 on Tuesday. See the big "stud" in the hot tub with some of his buddies. I am so proud of Dylan, as I am both of my boys. Dylan first of all is his dad made over, from the way his toes are shaped to the way his ears are shaped. They have the same ways about themselves. Dylan has always been a strong willed boy since birth. He came exactly on the due date. I mean I went into labor at midnight. Henry bless his heart went right back to sleep when I told him it was time to go the hospital. We got a speeding ticket on the way as well as no seat belt tickets. It was 1 in the morning and we had other things on our minds. Go figure.... I was in labor for about 14 hours and pushed for over 2. At 1:28pm Dylan arrived with some breathing problems. He was 10lbs and 1 ounce and took in fluid. We almost lost him.... God knew that great things are in store for him and wasn't gonna take him. He finally balanced out and we took him home. His brother was pushing his buttons from day one. Zack would go in and yell at Dyl at the top of his lungs to wake him up and Dyl loved it.

Dylan gave up the bottle by 10 months, walked earlier, everything was early for Dylan. He missed starting school with kids his age by a week so he was in a week later. As he started school he excelled in all subjects. I cannot remember a time when Dylan wasn't in the top of his class. He has always played football, and baseball. He loves all those around him and those he loves he protects with all he has, that includes friends, family and anyone he feels is being mistreated. Everyone that meets Dylan tells his dad and I how sweet Dyl is and how polite he is. He always says yes mam yes sir. Dylan now can show himself here at home he is a kid.

Now my baby boy is 12 years old and in the middle school. He is still doing well in school and becoming a person his dad and I are becoming very proud of. The group of friends he has are a good group of boys and girls. They all look after at each other. They help each other. They support and encourage each other. He became a child of the King when he was 7. He loves being in church. He loves dogs. He wants to go to WVU. He wants to play football while he is there. He is already planning to take college credit classes when he enters high school....

I am blessed .....

So this is Dyl with his friends at the Blacksburg Aquatic Center for his party. We have Tanner, Mackenzie, Jamie, Dylan, Mike, Brodyn and Seth.

This previous 2 photos are just a couple I took

We couldn't really get any while they swimmed because we had to take out street shoe off blah blah blah

In this photo is Jamie, Mikem Macy, Grant, Will and Brodyn.

Here we have Jane, Brittany, Daniel, Jake, Mack, Tanner, Andrew and Seth.

So here is the entire group (short of grandparents and aunts and uncles sitting to the side)

Thank you Lord for all the gifts you have given to us....


The Busy Blaine's said...

I didn't get to tell Mr Dylan Happy Birthday so please tell him for me!!! Love you all!

GillespiesGirl said...

Happy Birthday to Dyl!! Cole is 11 and in 6th grade. It goes by waayyy too fast, but isn't it a fun ride to watch them grow into fabulous young men!

Stephanie said...

I hope he had a great birthday!!!!