Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nick's goin into the army

So in your life you meet some wonderful young people that you treasure having them in your life. Well a couple of years ago one of those young men came across my life and Henrys. He played footbal for CHS. We love and treasure this young man dearly. Well this young man is leaving Tuesday for the army. As it breaks our hearts to see him go and know the danger he may face someday we are also very proud of him

So Nick call us Mama Scott and Papa Scott he was actually the first one to call us that. We think the world of this young man and are so proud of him. I hope you will all pray for him He has signed on for 6 years and 30 weeks in the army.

This is all of the young people that were there. These are some good kids....

So this is Ethan, Nick and Malorie. Can you tell they are siblings?! :)

So Grandpa and Nick trying to be angels. Grandma knows better this picture is so cute.

The Thompson family. You want to meet a wonderful family well here ya go. They are honest no holds bar people and we love it. They are very kind. Please pray for them all as they deal with this new step in many different ways.......