Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sowers family dinner

So today was absolutely beautiful I think the last time I looked at the tempature it was 83. LOVED IT!!!!! Anyway.... my mother in law Judy shown here with her sister Margret wanted to have a dinner with her family beyond just her kids. Their baby brother is the man who passed in a prior blog that I asked for you to pray for the family. Well my mother in laws kitchen is upside down right now because she is remodling. None of my in laws really have the room and parking except for maybe my oldest sister in law who by the way left before I got the camera out. So I volunteered our house.

The "cousins" began to act like kids again with their kids which was fun to watch. There was one girl in the mix and I do believe she gave them a run for their money. ALthough she plays football in Auburn and i think she will be playing 8th grade this year.

This is my brother in laws girlfriend Karen. She brought her mom to join us today and I was pleased to meet her. Could these two look anymore alike?

Well this is Karen and Brian and they were picking at each other and I love that I caught them at this moment.

Just a swinging aroung here is my father in law Tommy and my mother in law Judy.

All in all it has been a good Memorial Day weekend. Yesterday we cooked out with my parents at my sisters house and I forgot my camera. Tomorrow is my 13 wedding anniversary. I pray you all have a blessed summer