Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Drive in

Well summer time is offically here, at least with what "functions" are starting up. This weekend our drive in opened up. WOO-HOO... In Virginia I think I heard somewhere that there are still more functioning drive- ins than anywhere else in the US. I do know we have 5 within an hour any direction of us that includes the one here in our town. We absolutely love goin and this has become a family tradition in the summer time. We go to this really cool inexpensive burger place that has the best food and take it in, we eat, play ball, goof off just have lots of fun.

This is my sister and her boyfriend my soon to be brother in law. That also is my son (the oldest) sittining in the back of the truck. The back 2 rows are for trucks and SUV's we take it load up and eat and have a blast.

This is my pretty little sister. Although she is not so little anymore and she is taller than I am.She will be married next May I cannot believe that and I cry alot of times when I think about it. We now are more like friends than ever before. We are 12 years apart and we both think it stinks that we were so far apart but hey what could we have done.

Henry sometimes will get out and play ball with the boys. They have alot of fun and you can feel the family atmosphere with the expception of the few who just come to raise cane.

So we saw "Iron Man" it was okay not a favorite for me but not terrible. I would however like to watch it again because it took me forever to get our speaker to work which I think was installed in 1953 when the place opened and I don't think much has been done to them since then!!! ;)

Anyway the same couple that opened the place still works there. The man still runs the gate and you never fail to get a $2.00 bill and his wife still works in the concession stand making those wonderful hot dogs and fries. YUMMY..... So maybe next weekend if my thick skull remembers I will take some pictures of the drive in next weekend which by the way is called the Starlight....


LoveMyBenny said...

I had so much fun! I think just hanging out before the movie was the best. Def gonna have to start going with yall more often! Just now on a rainy night, haha!

The Busy Blaine's said...

Ahhhh, the hotdogs! Nothing like em.

Michael G. Mickey said...

Those hot dogs ARE good. So true!