Monday, March 24, 2008


Hi all

Well I am new to all this but I have truely enjoyed reading my friends blog. She seems to be having so much fun with it that i thought I would try it. So let me start by telling you a little about myself. My name is Lisa. I live in Christiansburg with my wonderful husband and two "creative" sons. They keep my life very full and very busy. I love them dearly and have been through it with them.

This is my and hubby Henry. This picture was taken this past Christmas at my moms. We met a little over 15 years ago. Boy we never dreamed what we would go through when we met. We lived very far apart I was in my hometown of Galax and he was in Newport News. He orignally is from Christiansburg but was working at the shipyard. We met through a mutual friend. When I was introduced to him we really only intended to go out when he was home or I was there visiting friends. Well that didn't last we actually talked on the phone for 3 months before we met face to face. Every night at 9pm he called me like clockwork and as corny as it sounds I fell for him on the phone. He was and is a wonderful man. He makes me laugh and makes me feel so safe. I could go on about him for awhile but will do that later. So much to tell.

So this is my baby boy Dylan. He is 11 years old and I am watching him become a wonderful young man before my eyes and it is amazing. He is in his last year in elementary school which is depressing because my oldest is going into high school next year. Lord help me when they graduate and maybe someday get married UGH... Anyway Dylan is a HUGE WVA fan and wants to play football for them. Right now though we are goin into baseball season. He loves the Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Eagles. He is a straight A student and is such a caring helpful tenderhearted person. I love those qualities in him. I pray in todays world as he grows he will never loose those wonderful things to have.

This is my oldest Zack. Short for Zachary. He is 14 years old. I am watching myself in him everyday. He pushes me in everyway. He makes me laugh and he lets me know how to enjoy things and be stupid. He and his dad can find humor in EVERYTHING and sometimes I want them to mind their p's and q's but I love to see them laugh together. Zack is a football, basketball and soccer player. I am dieing that he is goin into high school next year. WHEN DID I GET OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE A TEENAGER. Zack loves to entertain people. He is such an outgoing loving person. He loves little kids and lots of the little kids at church love him. They just are drawn to hanging out with him and he just rolls right along with it. I guess he gets that from his dad and I we are the same. Everything we do revolves areound kids. I hope he always has that. He is also like his and dad and I in being a TARHEEL fan. living in Tech country.

I love my family and I will tell you our story as we go along. I hope to be able to do this often and post pictures oftern. God bless you all.......



The Busy Blaine's said...

Welcome aboard my sister! I am excited that someone in C'burg has joined the blog wagon with me. I love ya!!!!

LoveMyBenny said...

So my smile in this picture is horrible! Yuck!