Friday, March 28, 2008


Well Easter weekend and spring break came and went very fast. Dylan has told me on many occasions that sunrise service is his favorite one of the year. I just feel like we are so busy all day but we do make a point in our home to remember the true meaning of Easter by doing the resurrection eggs.

We began on Friday by decorating "egg" shaped cookies my boys didn't want to do eggs this year. Here are a few of them putting such pretty icing on them,

Look at the good job Henry is doing with his colors....

So they seem to have fun. Dylan ate his as soon as he decorated them!!! zack and I have yet to finish ours. I was cooking dinner while they did this.

So after we decorated the cookies we had some dinner and later did the story of Easter. I had more cooking to do for the next day because we were going to North Carolina to Henry's aunt Elaines house for a dinner for his Maw Maw. She is a wonderful woman and the only grandparent Henry has left. So we made the trek to Greensboro

This is Henrys wonderful grandmother Mary Scott. She has been blessed with a wonderful Christian family. I think all but maybe a couple of her children know the Lord and most of their kids and grandkids are coming into that family as well. They sing and love and laugh together alway there for one another. I have been very blessed to be a part of this family.

So this is one of Henry's cousin Kevin holding one of the newest memebers of the family Gracie. She if beautiful.

There are to be lots of babies born this year, one actually this past week. His name is Carson Littreal and there are 3 more on the way one due in April and the other 2 in October. No I am not joining that club Tinie!!!!

So anyway we ended that day by going to the mall in Winston and looking at all the TARHEEL STUFF because you know we live in Hokie country. Then we made our way to Mt. Airy to eat at Goobers.

Easter morning rolled around very early and the boys got up to see what the Easter Bunny had brought them.

Dylan's reaction to his gift was COOL.... He got a new study Bible with tthe cover. And Zack being the teenager he is wasn't as awake and was still happy.

So of course being a mom I made us all pose for pictures in our new Easter clothes don't all my guys look handsome in their clothes!!!!

That day was also specail because my neice Brooke was baptised after having been saved a few weeks ago. God is good......



The Busy Blaine's said...

Tell Henry I never knew he had such mad skills decorating cookies!

Crystal, Mason & Gracie said...

It was great to read about your easter weekend. I was so surprised to see Gracie. I think it was a wonderful choice of pictures (not that I'm partial to my baby girl or anything)! Your boys are so handsome in their Easter outfits. I wish I could see them more. I'm sure the next time they will be a foot taller. When you get a chance I would like to find out more about the resurection eggs. That seems like a fun way to engage the family in an activity while reinforcing Easter.
By the way love the name of your blog!! Too cute