Thursday, November 13, 2008


So as any of you that read my blog know we recently had a death in the family. Well Monday as we traveled from Radford to Dublin to lay Mark to rest I was so upset with people. I remember when I began to drive despite the fact around here it is one of those little known laws but a matter of respect to pull off to the side when you see a funeral procession. Well evidentally people are to focused on what they are doing for that few minutes to give some respect.
I was riding with Henry and my brother in law was with us. We began to notice how people just zoomed right by. One guy as we go to the speedway made a point to speed right past us. We did not have that long of a line and he couldn't hold off for a minute. It got to the point that we would watch and see how many cars would actually stop. Believe you me there were more people that zoomed on by than stopped. I was so upset by this.
I hope to goodness my boys know that they should pull off when someone has passed. It will take only a moment of their time to show some respect to the family and the passed.
I am sorry this has nothing more than letting me get this off my chest. I hope if you read this when you see that a family has a death take just a few minutes to show respect.
Thanks for reading.